Antique ( pre-1899 ) Firearms & Accessories
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 Selling off a number of my old guns. All are antique pre-1899 and can ship direct, but I will need a copy of your driver's license. All offers of sale are null and void if the item is restricted in your area. CHECK IT OUT BEFORE BIDDING. Postal money orders accepted for antique firearms. Will also accept MC, Visa, Discover with 3% added to cost
We will not ship antique firearms outside the United States - NO EXCEPTIONS
Prices firm. Have a gunsmith check any antique firearm BEFORE shooting and be sure you have the correct loads.
The Guns of the Spanish / American War
Trapdoor Springfield Rifle, 30-40 Krag Rifle , 3 digit 1893 Oviedo 7x57 Spanish Mauser
All in extremely nice condition

  1884 trapdoor Springfield. Great shooter and in extremely good condition. No rust, pitting, etc. Everything works as it should. Good bore.Still has the original sling with the wooden wedge. A few stitches have pulled at one end. Easy fix and sling is still pliable. A hard to find item in it's own right. Original cleaning rod in place.I have never found a cartouche or any sign of one. Any questions, please ask.
Photos of the Krag and Mauser shortly
$ 2500 for the set of 3.
 Call - Available

Extremley Nice Set of 1918 Long Cavalry Saddlebags
These need one of the small buckles re-attached for use, or leave alone for display and no one will know.These are black. As near perfect as you will find. Do not have the liners, but do have the tabs for them. Nice clear "US" markings. No tears, holes, or repairs.I doubt if you will find better.  

$ 300.

( Photos shortly )
1879 Trapdoor cavalry carbine.

$ 2,500.

1877 SAA Colt, 45. Obviously refinished nickel at some point in it's life, but a very nice old Colt. Matching numbers. 4 3/4" barrel. Excellent old worn Colt grips. 1st generation - black powder frame.The stories it could tell since 1877 ! This is one of the rare ones that Colt can not letter.  The file no longer exists as to where it shipped or to who. The did authenticate the serial # date though and sent a letter to that affect. Letter from Colt will be included.
$ 3,000.

Original 1873 Springfield trapdoor rear sight. Very nice condition

$ 75.00

Original extractor for 1873 Winchester rifle. This one is for the 38-40 & 44-40 calibers. Excellent condition as photo shows. This was removed from 44-40 made in 1880.

$ 55

Never used or issued. Mint, as new,bayonet and sheath - Type 99 for the Arisaka. I believe this was a "last ditch" set. Absolutely mint, still has some preservative on blade. No markings, no numbers, was never stamped in anyway. One of a kind.

$ 175.

Original 1873 Winchester Safety Lever. #1
May fit others, but original to an 1873 44-40 made in 1881

$ 30.00