"Eye of The Raven"
We are a new branch of an old site and offer works by WPA artist Maybelle Richardson Stamper and exceptional fine antiques, Native American, primitive, colonial, well.... just whatever catches the raven's eye and we think you might like.
Note - we just acquired 44 original works by Canada artist Lance Belanger, a
Maliceet Native from New Brunswick & raised in New England.
Ph 307-367-7945 ( Wyoming )
307-360-6005 (WY.  Cell )

" Art need not be a painting.  It can be a painting, clothing, weavings, a firearm, a tool, a vehicle, a building, even nature.
Art is so many things. "

Our entire current inventory of Maybelle's works is for sale in one lot - best reasonable offer. Approaching retirement and too many other things going on.
All rights of reproduction of Maybelle's art remain with Alice & Michael Aldrich
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - WPA Artist - page 1
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - page 2
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - page 3
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - page 4
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - page 5
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - page 6
Maybelle Richardson Stamper - SOLD PIECES
Miscellaneous Other Artists
Coming Soon ! Art by Alice  ( Maybelle's great niece )

Lance Belanger  - page 1  All are approximately 22" X 30 "  overall.
Lance Belanger  - page 2   Image size on all  is approximately  15 3/4" 22 3/4"
Lance Belanger  - page 3

Albert Hess Ship Paintings
Fine Antiques, Native American Rugs, etc.

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International shipping quote on request. Paypal only on international sales.
Returns - items purchased from this site, and  received in same condition as sent, will be accepted for credit/exchange only, less ALL shipping charges which will NOT be credited.
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