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Maybelle Richardson Stamper

Listed WPA Artist

Work from the 1930's & 1940's

ALL of these pieces were given to her brother by Maybelle. Many years later,these were then given to her nephew by him and thence given to us ( my wife is her great niece ). All pieces listed have never left the family .
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Maybelle was born in Dublin, NH in 1907 as Mabelle Richardson and raised in the Dublin / Hancock / Peterboro area of New Hampshire.In the 1920's she studied under George DeForest Brush in Dublin.She graduated from Keene, NH in 1927. She studied at Boston in 1928 & 29 before going to new York, where she studied from 1930 - 1937. She married Willson Stamper in 1937. ( This was an unhappy narriage and this period influenced her style of work ).She changed her name to Maybelle and kept her married name of Stamper for the rest of her life. She followed this by teaching at the Cinncinati Art Academy from 1938-1943.In the 1940's she visited Nova Scotia several times with friends and we have unknown/uncataloged  landscapes and lithographs from this period as well.  In 1943-46 she visited Captiva Island in Florida. She fell in love with the island and made it her home for the rest of her life. She painted landscapes, modern art, portraits etc, whatever it took to survive in the early period , becoming a talented, listed and well know artist through all this.  Above all, she is best known for her lithographs and rightly so. We have early works of hers on masonite, paper, paper bags, canvas. As she was a relation, this description will be added to as time goes on, and we dig up the notes  left by her. Her work has been in major exibitions from the 1930's through the 1990's. She died in 1995  leaving hundreds of cataloged pieces. Nearly all of the pieces offered here are NOT included in her cataloged works. See the publication "Songs Of Maybelle"  assembled by Jay Williams / McKissick Museum / University of South Carolina.
Maybelle did a lot of her early work at "the box" in the woods of Dublin, NH, and would retreat there for extended periods of time. It no longer exists, and the land no longer belongs to the Richardson family. We have the only existing  image of this cabin that we know of, and it was painted by Mabelle ( original spelling of her name )
Some or her exibitions:
1930's - New York - GRD Gallery,Krusharr Gallery,Morton Gallery, Studio Club, Eighth St. Playhouse, Montross Gallery
1930's - Womans Art Club - Cinncinati , Cinncinati Museum of Modern Art
1930's -World's Fair-New York
1940's - Cinncinati Modern Art Society
1960's - R.R. Robinson Gallery - Naples, FL
1960's - Currier Galley - Manchester, NH
1960's - Marion Koogler McNay Art Institue - San Antonio,TX
1960's - University of North Carolina-Greensboro, NC

Since these have never left the family, and many are unsigned,
we will be putting the following stamp on the back
of ALL works in our collection  by Maybelle.
Also, all pieces will be filed to disc with size
and any available info as a way of providing clear provenance
in the
future and for possible printing.

#_____From the
Alice & Michael

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This entire page is devoted to one piece of work by Maybelle.
The cover sheet is signed " Mabelle Richardson" so this is probably prior to her marriage in 1937.  
Credit for the poems goes to  Brock Lownes ?

She had worked on a large folio series of  24  short poems intending to publish this as a large foilo book in the manner of Audubon. Each short poem  has an illustration which is  a lithograph Maybelle designed specifically for the poem. The lithos may be loose. After a lot of research ( and searching ), this is the rough manuscript in it's entirety. This has not been published  before. We have considered publishing it ourselves, but decided to offer it here instead.  The price on this work is
$ 7,900 net.
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